Apr 13, 2009

Rejected But Not Dejected

So, it finally happened. I received my first rejection for a manuscript. It's strange, but I kind of feel a sense of relief because that first one is out of the way. I know there's many more to come and I won't always feel so calm and cool about being rejected, but I have a real belief in my story and that it will eventually be published.
Here is the rejection letter (I left out names because I'm not sure what professional protocol is for such things).

Dear Rebecca,

Thank you for submitting your manuscript entitled Does Your Nose Remember? Tu NarizRecuerde? to A--- P-- Press. Unfortunately, your submission was not selected for publication.

If you wish your materials returned to you, please send us a self-addressed, stamped envelope (SASE) with the appropriate amount of postage. If we do not receive your SASE within a month, we will shred and recycle all materials.

We appreciate your interest in A--- P--- Press. Please feel free to submit other selections of your work for our consideration in the future.

_______________, Ph.D.


Kelly said...


Honor your bravery with a treat. I'd pick cupcakes, but that's my answer to all of life's celebrations AND let-downs.

Christine said...

Yeah or boo? I'm sorry they didn't accept your story! It is an AWESOME story- you are a great writer and will be published!

I've got the wine going over here if you need some :D