Aug 21, 2009

Oh Baby!

So, I've been out of sorts, and haven't felt like blogging, much less anything else. But there's a good reason for that- I'm pregnant! My blessed family will welcome our third child in April. I'm not one of those glowing, sweet, all-is-right-with-the-world pregnant people. In fact, I'm pretty miserable, so life right now is living for the next meal or nap, or sucking on a Preggie Pop.
I think my son and daughter may be more excited than the mommy and daddy-to-be. They have lots of interesting question. Every day they want to know the size of the baby. To help them see and understand what's going on with the baby, we checked out:

The author, Abby Cocovini, does a terrific job at mixing fun with facts. The kids love her size comparisons for the baby, such as, "The baby is as big as a baked bean." Right now, our baby is as big as a baked bean, and looks like a tadpole!
Somehow we have avoided the BIG question..."How are babies made?" I haven't found a good book for that one!


Casey McCormick said...


I was never very fond of pregnancy either. Never want to do it again. Though, the prize is so, so great!

: )

Keep us updated!

Rebecca said...

I keep telling myself 9 months of misery is worth a lifetime of joy and wonder. I will most definitely keep you posted.

Kelly said...

May I suggest Where Willy Went by Nicholas Allen. They've been know to have a few copies at Half Price Books. It's pretty funny.

Oh, and congrats again. Let me know when you find out the sex of the baby. I happen to have an enormous pile of little girl clothes just begging for a home.

Rebecca said...

Thanks for the book suggestion Kelly! I will let you know what we are having. Are you sure Violet will part with some of her old clothes?