Feb 23, 2009

A Book For My Birthday :)

My lovely husband gave me this incredible book for my birthday, A Celebration of Scotland by Janice Anderson. I love all things Scottish (yes, even haggis) and I love books, so the two things coming together is sublime!

This is just one of the many stunning pictures in the book. I picked this one to share because I think it is one of the most beautiful places in Scotland. It's called Glencoe. As with many places in Scotland it has a bloody history. It was the scene of a massacre in 1692, and there are stories of ghostly bagpipes playing in the glen on the anniversary of the mass murder. Is there anything more haunting than the sound of pipes? Ghostly bagpipes perhaps.

So here's my dilemma about my beloved land of Picts: When I retire, do I buy a castle in the country and christian myself Dame Rebecca, or do I buy a cozy cottage by the sea?

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Andy said...

You have an awesome husband. I'm sure that you'll be happy with which ever place that he buys for you.