Feb 26, 2009

I Need Some Spring In My Step...

...and dirt under my finger nails.
It has been a long, cold winter for Dayton, Ohio. God has finally decided to show some pity on us and give us a spring teaser. It's supposed to reach the high 50's today.
I'm a gardener. I love my flower gardens. The past couple of winters were relatively mild, so my crocuses shot-up in January. Not so this year- luckily. January is too early even for crocuses. But now that it is nearing March, and I'm trying to convince myself this spring teaser is something more, I thought I'd go out and search for signs of life. Late winter's brown canvas has got me down, I need some green. Lo and behold... A couple of weeks ago I went shopping at my favorite store, Alley Cat Chic. I bought some spring treats to lift my mood. The small, white bird was only $3.99. It must be a good-luck charm because that very week I spotted my first robin. The roses are my favorite color of green, I just had to have them. Would you guess that bulb is not real? I think it may be the best 65 cents I've ever spent. They all helped to carry me to today and my sweet, little crocus shoots bravely
poking out to say "hello."

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Paintmiller said...

Becky, I love this. So glad that you are writing. You really hit me with this one! Life is in the little things, in simplicity is where abundance lies. Thanks for writing about it. Christine