Nov 22, 2009

Whatever Gets You Through

Some of the days during NaNoWriMo have been a real struggle to get through. There have been times I've been sure I could not write one more sentence of utter nonsense. Yet here I am 10,000 words away from reaching the finish line. How have I made it this far? How can I keep myself going? With two things:
1) Caffeine
2) Chocolate
These two things have been good friends to me over the years, but now I find myself relying on them more than ever. However, there is one problem with the chocolate. I've been eating Reece's Cups to get my chocolate fix, and with all the sitting I've been doing, let's just say the Reece's have added some extra padding to my posterior. It's noticeable enough for my six-year-old daughter to ask, "Why does when your belly get bigger from the baby, your butt gets bigger too?" My answer to her, "Hormones honey... hormones."


Kelly said...

If your butt didn't get bigger you would be out of balance and tip over. That heiny is keeping you upright!

Rebecca said...

Can't argue with that logic Kelly!

Chris said...

You are gorgeous!!! Plus, you can blame it on your slacker friend who would'nt wake up last week for your morning walk! :D