Nov 4, 2009

At Least I'm Not On Facebook

What have I been going with my time? Writing, writing, and more writing. NaNo is keeping me very busy, and as difficult as it is for me to write as much as I am every day, I have to say I am really enjoying it! When working on picture books my challenge is to stay under 1000 words. Now my challenge is to write over 1600 a day! BIG difference
So, what have I learned so far? Well, one thing I already knew about myself- I have to have a deadline in order to complete my work in a timely manner. Also, it's good to have a regular writing routine. I've been writing in the morning while my little man is in preschool. AND--- I FINALLY (I'm in to all caps today) broke down an bought a digital voice recorder. I've been meaning to do it for years, literally for years people! It's so helpful to have something to record my thoughts and ideas when I'm away for the computer, or that time right before I fall asleep where my mind goes into idea hyper-drive. So I want to know, what have you learned so far from NaNoWriMo? What has it taught you about yourself? If you're not doing NaNo, share some of your favorite writing tips!


Corey Schwartz said...

I'm amazed anyone can write both PBs and novels. They take such different skills!

Rebecca said...

It is definitely two separate sets of skills! And I'm not saying I can do it, but there are writers who do it very well- Jane Yolen and Cynthia Rylant are two of my faves :)
I am enjoying trying :)

J.Tuttle said...

I think the big thing is to try to not revise. I agree with you I've learned alot doing NaNo, and I am also benefitting from having a deadline. Have you checked out the thread on Verla Kay on "What is NaNoWriMo teaching you about yourself?" It was really interesting.
Your doing great, keep writing!

Rebecca said...

Thanks J! I'll have to check out the thread on Verla Kay's, it's been awhile since I visited her site. I've been blown away by your word count! Happy writing! Wheeee!