May 22, 2009

Down On The Farm

I haven't met a child yet that doesn't love baby animals. (My own kiddies first signs of intelligent life came out as "moo" and "meow.") Imagine the fun of taking your kids to a farm with baby animals that they are allowed pet and cuddle. Just outside of Dayton is such a place, Learning Tree Farm. My son's Pre-school Co-op met for the last time at Learning Tree this past week.

I can't think of many things sweeter than a baby kitten, except maybe for baby goats, and baby lambs, baby pigs....

We spent the morning laughing, chasing chickens, swinging over bales of hay, and telling our kids to re-enact the opening sequence to Little House on the Prairie as they ran through the tall grass. (Yes, they did wonder what the heck we were talking about.)

One of my all-time, favorite picture books is Big Red Barn. We've had it in a board book (we're on our second copy) since my daughter was born. It may be the first book I ever read to her. I love the simplicity of it. It is the perfect book to read to your baby or toddler. The pictures are appealing, the text is rhythmic, and what child can resist crowing like a rooster or mooing like a cow?
I can't wait to read E. B. White's Charlotte Web to my kiddies! What's your favorite farm book to read with your kids?


Kelly said...

I could have taken pictures in that tall grass all day!

Rebecca said...

Well Kelly, 500 pictures is a lot! lol