May 8, 2009

Tooth News

Big things are happening here in our house. What could be more momentous in a 5 year-old's life than losing that first tooth? (At this point in the year, possibly the arrival of summer vacation may be, but let's go with the tooth thing.)
Do you remember what it was like to feel the "pop" of the nerve breaking and your tiny tooth coming out? Or the sensation of sticking your tongue through the gap of where your tooth once was? Is my daughter officially a "big kid?" It's definitely bye-bye babyhood.
To prep our girl for the arrival of the tooth-fairy, we read Twinkle the Tooth Fairy. There are two reasons I like this book. 1) It was a gift from my grandmother to my daughter (my grandmother passed away two years ago) 2) It comes with a little "velvet" pouch for the tooth (no need to worry about losing those little suckers in bed- and oh-my, they are little!)
Earlier in the year, to encourage good oral-hygiene, we purchased The Tooth Book: A Guide to Healthy Teeth and Gums. The kiddies love this one; it's detailed and informative without being boring or over their heads.

It's looking like the tooth fairy will be putting in another appearance here this weekend. My daughter will be one dollar closer to her goal of buying that laptop she wants. Yes, a laptop. I know it sounds like an extravagant purchase for a 5 year-old, but check out my link to One Laptop Per Child, it's a beautiful thing!


Secret Mom Thoughts said...

I'm going to get these books for my daughter. thanks for the info on them.

Rebecca said...

You're welcome! I love getting and giving book recommendations!