Oct 17, 2009

Crazy Like A Fox Or Just Plain Crazy?

"Dear RebeccaAnn,
Well, you did it. You've gone and pledged your November to the pursuit of the month-long novel. Whether this is your first or eleventh NaNoWriMo, we're thrilled to have you writing with us."

What have I gotten myself into? Well, this was my thinking....

What if I were to write something without constantly editing myself? What if the goal was quantity not quality? What if I ignored all my responsibilities- husband, house, children- and just wrote my little heart out? What if instead of writing a picture book, I wrote a 50,00 word YA novel that I could later edit and cut down to a reasonable length?

Are hormones making me crazy? You betcha! But does this actually make sense for me to do? Yes, it does. If I'm going to grow as a writer I have to challenge myself. What better way to do that than a 50,000 word, one-month writing marathon? National Novel Writing Month- take up your pen and join me!


Tracy said...

Go Becky!!!!

T. Anne said...

I'm joining you! I need to start outlining!!!

Rebecca said...

Yay!!I also need to start outlining! I have to do some research that involves Russia and Rasputin. It's a little overwhelming but exciting!!!